KLFW 2017 Reveals MASLEA

The motivating concept behind this year’s collection by MASLEA was to experiment with the idea of post-minimalism. As Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017, this season’s show portrayed greater sense of fashion identity and experimented with different silhouettes and trends.

There was a talk about edgier silhouettes and bright colours this season, but what’s in store for MASLEA is more about appreciating what is already there — to refine classic nuances in simpler forms. The birth of E.lin.mentary is inspired by the idea of new minimalism that revolves in the formation of a post-modernist society that we live in. With ultra-luxe linen fabric and finely detailed pleats, e.lin.mentary is set to provide an elevated styling options for those in favour of minimalist fashion.

Our latest collection is ready to lift off and transcend fashion based on its new interpretation of the future enmeshed with retro nostalgia, realised in the form of sharp cuts, paper-bag fit and men’s shirting. Post-minimalism heavily emphasised on the idea of building strong foundational colours and e.lin.mentary takes the cue with its focus on muted tones such as slate grays and mossy nudes.

As the brand grows to explore different personalities, different aesthetics, e.lin.mentary is a perfect representation of what amplifies MASLEA as a proud, young fashion label. Imbuing the three dynamics in this collection: modest, minimal and modern makes e.lin.mentary simply, MASLEA.

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