Nostalgia Raya – Lebaran Collection


Gather your loved ones this Lebaran in celebration of the Old-Love. The Old-Love that gave us joy when we were young. Old-Love of our elders, and those before them. Old-Love, just like our traditional favorites. Travel back to the past with the likes of our checkered Kebaya Mak Tok, Dobby Kurung Panjang & Riau Pahang, colorful Kebaya Klasik, floral Kebaya Bonda / Tuan Puteri / Siti Bangsawan & Baju Labuh Bidasari, vintage Kurung Maranao, bold Kebaya Laila Sari as well as polka dots on the 2019 hot-seller Kebaya Panjang.

“Nostalgia Raya 2020 is all about recreating the old love. It is about embracing the love for yesteryears, of everlasting love of two special individuals, of family ties, of responsibility and loyalty – the reflection of the young Suraya, looking admiringly at her (late) grandmother, Masliah.” cited Suraya in describing her inspiration behind her collection.

Like all of MASLEA’s collection before, Nostalgia Raya 2020 is functional and minimal. Pieces are elevated with detailed attention to fine fabric, fitting, subtle cuts and the eccentricity of the vintage aesthetics. Paired with the beautiful Traditional ‘Batik Lepas’, Nostalgia Raya 2020 aspires sophistication, a relaxed and timeless elegance at its finest. Simply MASLEA.

All MASLEA’s Nostalgia Raya 2020 pieces are available for online purchase via, and Robinsons Four Season, Kuala Lumpur.

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